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Martial Arts / Self Defense


Fitness Training

For The Whole Family! 

Classes focus On:


Mental Growth

Physical Fitness

Spiritual Health

 Situational Awareness

 Confrontation Response





Stay Happy, Healthy, And Fit!

 No Contract, No Testing Fee, No Worries
Come join the art of Awareness, and learn the importance of Basic and Traditional Self Defense taught by
Master Instructor, Jonathan Rafter.
Trained In The Martial Arts for over 20yrs
Trained in the arts of Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Tai Chi,  Jujitsu

Has Earned his Black Belts In Karate in the following arts and is specialized in: 

Soo Bahk Do           Tang Soo Do       Pyung Ahn Do

We believe family is everything and keep our school a safe,healthy, and loving environment for everyone to enjoy. 

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